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At Sakalya Massage & Wellness the connection between body, spirit, mind, & emotion is understood and honored.

Together we will choose the best approach for you. Whether that be relaxation, fix it, emotional release/intuitive massage, or a combination.

Hot stone massage from kristen russell massage therapist

Located along the Provo River at Silk Studio Suites in north Provo , Sakalya Massage & Wellness provides a beautiful environment for your holistic therapeutic massage experience.


Choose the focus of your massage

Fix It
neck massage for pain management from massage therapist
back massage with hot stones in provo utah
holistic intuitive massage using emotional release technique from massage therapist in provo utah

What Clients Say

Kristen is both friendly and professional. She makes you feel comfortable from the moment you enter her space - with such a positive and calming energy that is ideal for receiving a massage. She is intentional with the tools she uses and communicates with you to ensure that she gives you the experience you desire. She is very skilled and I have always left feeling so much better than when I enter. Highly recommend! 

 Alexi C.

I’ve been going to Kristen for massages regularly for several years. She is excellent, professional and friendly. In addition to massages for general muscle tension, she was also super helpful in helping me heal after I was injured in a car accident earlier this year. I definitely recommend her!

Lauren S.

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