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Massage Services

Let the stress melt away with any of the following services.
We'll create a plan that works for you. 

I always work with the nervous system to create a relaxing environment regardless of the type of massage chosen.

Choose the intention of your massage below & explore optional add-ons. 


Focused on creating a relaxing experience, the Relaxation massage has a Swedish base utilizing flowing strokes, gently working the tissue to release any tension. 

relaxation massage in provo utah by massage therapist kristen russell, LMT
deep tissue massage therapy in Utah County

Fix It Massage

Choose this option if your main objective is to improve your structural function. Great for athletes, those with old injuries, scar tissue, range of motion issues, or just stubborn knots. We'll work to improve the way your muscles and connective tissue work together. Tools may be incorporated to assist with this work. 


This massage is done intuitively and operates based on the idea that our bodies hold onto emotions, memories, and/or trauma in the tissues. Somatic movement, such as what massage provides, creates a catalyst for release. Involving the subconscious using visualizations and breathwork help to facilitate these releases and may be utilized during this session among other methods. This is spiritual work that will require an acknowledgement of a higher power. 

holistic intuitive massage therapy utah county
woman receiving prenatal massage or pregnancy massage


Prenatal massage is for expecting mothers. If you are pregnant choose this option. We will discuss your needs at your appointment and make sure you get the massage you need.
*Add-ons are not available with prenatal massages. 


Add-on Treatments

Choose one add-on per appointment in the promotions section after you've chosen the massage treatment you would like (above) when scheduling.

hot stone massage therapy add-on

Hot Stone 

Warm,  relaxing, grounding. This add on gives you the ultimate in relaxation while simultaneously gives your therapist the ability to work deeper in the muscle tissue faster. choose in the promotions offered when scheduling.

*Not offered for prenatal appointments.


Cupping Therapy is the use of suction cups to help promote blood and lymph flow. It also aids with stretching and working the tissue so scar tissue is broken up and healthy tissue can be restored. Cupping is not a comfy therapy, but is great for athletes, those with old injuries, range of motion issues, extreme tension, or a who want a deeper massage.

cupping therapy massage in utah county for pain management add-on
hot bamboo massage utah county for deep tissue massage

Hot Bamboo 

Hot Bamboo uses bamboo rods to smooth out tension and calm the body. It combines the heat element of hot stone with the ability to work deeper.  Great for when you really want to work that stubborn tension more efficiently.
*Not offered for prenatal appointments

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