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What People Are Saying...

Hands down the best massages I’ve ever had are from Kristen. She’s extremely good at creating a safe, healing, relaxing atmosphere where I can just let my brain melt into oblivion. I’ve had massages at resorts in Park City and at the Dead Sea and Kristen blows those out of the water with how relaxed and happy I feel after. Great prices, professional and kind. I can’t imagine how the experience would be better.

Luke G.

Absolutely incredible. Kristen is a miracle worker and I don’t say that lightly. I’ve been going to her for the past 4 weeks consistently for prenatal massages and I have NEVER felt this good at 37 weeks pregnant before. I feel more aligned/balanced after seeing her than I do after the chiropractor. Pain relief, sleep quality, mobility... all improved dramatically since I’ve started seeing her. I’ve had a lot of massages in my life and this is the first time I have actually felt like the term massage THERAPIST applies. She is doing serious good for my body and mind. Can’t recommend her enough.

Brinadee B.

Kristen is a great massage therapist! She takes her time to focus on areas of concern and her space is both clean and relaxing. I have not been disappointed and highly recommend her to others.

Shaye S.

Kristen was very professional and incredibly helpful. I was having some major back problems where even walking was difficult. After a session, I was moving great and had very little pain. She is attentive and makes sure that you are comfortable.

Anne H.

Kristen is amazing! When I booked my first appointment with her I could barely stand up. My lower back was so tight and I had pain radiating down into my leg. My back was so sore that I couldn't take very much pressure, but Kristen has developed some techniques with cupping that were painless and incredibly effective. I felt better immediately after the massage and was very grateful to find that I felt very well the rest of the week. It has been two months since that first treatment and I still feel so much better!

Anneliese W.

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